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Scripts not working correctly: missing output in logs


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sorry for duplicate post, I just found this section fits better this scripting issue.

Feel free to delete my previous post here under: Home >  Devices     > Shelly Plus (Gen2) devices    > Shelly Plus Plug S :


With latest firmware:

"fw_id": "20240425-141453/1.3.0-ga3fdd3d",
"ver": "1.3.0",

Diagnostic data included below.




Also with such version of the code:

  • print('start');
    function main() {
      var i = 0;
      while (i < 12) {
        i = i + 1;
    Timer.set(2000, false, main);





Also reproducible on other devices (Shelly Plus 1PM, Shelly Pro 4PM)




also the same issue was reported earlier:




diagnostics-shelly-plusplugs-data.txt diagnostics-shelly-plusplugs-debug-log.txt

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To be honest, it is not true that it is an known issue IMHO. As I replied on Facebook, the issue is new (I upgraded last week when testing the script unfortunately), I didn't notice before. Before all prints came out. Now only the first few prints and the last few come out. There should at least be an option to flush your prints (as in wait for them, not throw them to /dev/null ), otherwise it's quite useless.

But, as stated, it is an introduced bug, and I assume it should be fixable.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I have the same problem with Plus1PM und Plus2PM.

It is not possible to test anything, because it is logging absolutely nothing. A I do not know the names of the events, I can not continue without Log-Output...

Plus1PM 20240430-105751/1.3.1-gd8534ee   (here it worked for a short time, I think I made an FW-Update than...)
Plus2PM 20240522-112837/1.3.2-g34c651b

I just started programming shelly´s - but it ended very soon 😞

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  • Administrators

Do you have auth enabled?

If yes disable authentification and restart your Shelly device. Now you should get debug logs again. 

You can reenable auth but after an reboot there won‘t be any debug output. 

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