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Problem with one Shelly 1 Plus

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i have 3 shelly device : 1 shelly 1 (gen 1) and two shelly 1 Plus with add-on plugin (connected to a ds18b20)
The last Shelly 1 Plus lost connectivity each day and seems to make a factory reset.

I don't know what is the normal behavior when a shelly device lost the wifi connection but here, it stop wifi and restart the bluetooth channel.

When i reconnect it, it have lost my previous parameter like : peripherals, scripts, ..... like it has done a factory reset. 
I change the wifi signal to be more strong but it doesn't change anything.

I tried also multiple firmware : 1.3.2, 1.3.3 and rollback to 0.14.1 no change

My other shelly don't have this problem and i don't know what i can do to solve this issue.

I don't know if it can be a problem but the ds18b20 is 10 meter long

Any idea ?

Thank you

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hello, I'm trying to install a new shelly Plus 1 (new order) and I can't integrate it into my wifi or if I do the connection is cut every 2 seconds. My other devices work normally. I try the integrations in BT or APP Wifi it's the same problem. I requested assistance I'm waiting for a response but I think this device is HS.
It seems that you have the same type of problem with a shelly plus 1

Best regards

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This is strange that your device goes into a factory reset by itself that's not normal. 
the ds18d20 sensor being 10m long would not cause this to happen. 

have you enabled the debug mode to see that the device is doing? 

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