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Roller shutter (cover) stops after 20 cm

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Shelly Plus 2PM does not close roller shutter (stops after approx. 20 cm). However, the roller shutter moves down using the button. The calibration has run through with a waiting time of 60 sec. However, if I press close (down arrow) in the Shelly app or website, the roller shutter stops after approx. 20 cm

Device already restarted and reset to factory settings

Device profile: Cover
Firmware: up-to-date
WLAN: good
Max. power threshold: 180
Waiting time: 60 sec
max. power protection: 2800 W
max. voltage protection: 280 V
max. current protection: 10 A

Do you have some ideas?

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Is there any additional information worth mentioning?

What type of roller blind drive is it?

Are several roller blinds operated at the same time with one device?

Is an isolating relay installed?

But calibration was complete without issue?

Can I have the device ID of the Plus2PM please?

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It's a tublar drive of the roller blind (actual I don't have a type/model)

with the Shelly i control only this one roller blind without any isolation relay

Calibration stops also in the closing mode after 20 cm

Device ID: d4d4daec53c0


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