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Shelly Pro 3EM - Missing Data on HomeAssistant


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I have a Shelly Pro 3EM with four sensors (coils) attached.

When I check the data via the Shelly android app, I have all the data with no gaps.

Yet when I check HomeAssistant, I have dozens of gaps in a 24 hour period.

The device looses WiFi connection periodically.


Is there a way I can setup the device to push all the data over to HomeAssistant when it does in fact connect?

I'm trying to track down the why of the wifi disconnect: my wifi access point is about 20 feet away, and this device is the only one with issues out of dozens I have in this area.

I have two hypothesis: either the power cables are interfering with the wifi signal to the Shelly Pro 3EM, and/or the "power surges" big equipment causes on the line makes the Pro 3EM disconnect.

Below photos of the device and its installation.  You can see the Pro 3EM on the left-side.

EDIT: I'm trying to post an image from URL and the web page just errors out and doesn't "accept" the post. 

I'll try and post the links below to see if they work:


Installation: https://imgur.com/7qwprQd



Here is the app: https://imgur.com/KXj36ss

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Is the box always open, as in the photos? Or is there normally a cover in front of it? The box looks metallic, which could significantly weaken the wifi signal.

The Shelly stores the consumption data for 60 days. If there are connection problems, the data can therefore also be transferred to the cloud later.

Unfortunately, I'm not very familiar with HomeAssistant, so I'm just asking in general terms:
Does the HomeAssistant Shelly plugin include an option to retrieve past data from the Shelly? This would presumably make it possible to retrieve missing data.

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Thanks @tvbshelly!

The breaker box is metal, yet the box where the Shelly 3EM Pro resides is plastic.

In any event, I pulled out the Shelly 3EM Pro device from the plastic box, without cover... yet the wifi would still go on/off.

I'm going to check if HomeAssistant and the Shelly plugin can pull (retrieve) the past data from the device.


Will keep this thread updated.

Thank you!

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