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Group Type for Shelly Plus i4 DC Devices?


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I am setting up a low voltage (12V) [and yes I am aware of the fire risks] Diesel Fuel Level indicator using a Shelly i4 DC.

There are 4 sensors on a "wand" which trigger one of the 4 x Shelly i4 indicators, for 20%, 40%, 60% and 80% full, which sends an email alert.

It is working (at least in my living room 🙂).

However as these are all the same device I would like to group the 4 indicators together.

However it appears you can only group devices that are either a Light, Roller, Relay or Thermostat device; none of which this falls under, as far as I can tell?

Trying to add them via the Shelly App does not work, it simply does not recognise it, either as a relay, or light; I tried.

Does this mean that it is simply not an option or am I missing something fundamental?









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