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Connecting Shelly to outer MQTT brokering service.

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Hello everyone,


I'm having a lot of trouble connecting my Shelly PM Mini Gen3 to any outsourcing cloud MQTT broker (Azure IoT Hub Namespace Grids and HiveMQ Cloud). I don't know what the issue is, I'm convinced it's something to do with ssl but at this point I don't even know. Can I please get some troubleshooting help? Currently I am trying to connect it to HiveMQ Cloud, seems like I'm doing everything right, but HiveMQ doesn't notice my device.



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Are the correct ports opened to allow the connection 

you can test this with windows power shelly "tnc <IP ADDRESS> -p "port number"

will look like this tnc shelly.com -p 443 

this will show if the ports are open or not 


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