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Adding to zwave network fails


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I try to add the wave 1 mini to my zwave network with a ‎Aeotec Z-Stick Gen 5 (AEOEZW090-C) controller. It looks good on a first glance, the green led is blinking after inclusion and during inclusion the relay switches multiple times. But when I look onto the controller and request node information ... it fails and there is no information about specific device class and command classes on the controller. 

Can you imagine what happens there or what kind of information you need to be able to help, or maybe just a defective device (it is a new one)?

Thanks in advance for helping ..


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@Shelly Wave help You have any information on the Aeotec Z-stick and shelly devices? 

I don't think the Aeotec as the Shelly Z-Wave devices added to the list so it might not recognize the device. Will find the document that shows what Hubs are best and tested with Shelly devices 

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The Aeotec Z-Stick must be used with a platform to control devices. The most useful and increasingly popular platform for this purpose is Home Assistant.

In cases like this you can try to do the interview again if you have this possibility, if not try to remove and add again the device to the stick.

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