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New Devices Showing Twice?


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I'm brand new to Shelly devices and I searched for an answer to this question, but nothing came up.  I have a Uni device I am using to monitor battery voltage.  I added my first device and named it "Pilot Battery."  Strangely, it appears twice in the "My Devices" list.  I tried deleting the second one, but when it did, it deleted both of them.

Is this normal?  If so, is there a way to "hide" the duplicate device.  It's not hurting anything by being visible, but it's taking up display space I might need for future devices.




Screen Shot 07-07-24 at 04.09 PM.JPG

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Yes, this is correct behavior. The Shelly UNI has two outputs (relays). This is why it is displayed twice. 

If you want to "hide" the second channel, you have to edit it and move it to the Hidden devices room in the room selection. 

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Posted (edited)

Thanks so much for the quick response, and that makes perfect sense.  I figured out how to "hide" it and posted that, most likely as you were answering my question.

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