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Floor Radiant control - Use Case


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I would like to share mi thoughts about this topic.

All solutions for this use case (radiant floor heating) have, from my point of view, a problem without solution from Shelly.

All possibles solution are based on the relationshipt between 2 devices... One H&T sensor and other relay device to open and close the system (heating) ... this kind of solutions have a faild casuistic, which is, when you have any couse of disconection from the net of the relay device during the moment of activate the relay, the solution fail... I suffered this casuistic and arrived to home with the heating off! 
I think the best solution for this is a H&T sensor with a Dry Relay in the same device! (in this way there are not dependency on the net conection between 2 devices!) for example: Nest, Honeywell  Termostats, etc..

Anyone had the same situation? any sugestions?



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i dont quite understand what the situation is here...

Is this done with a scene or with a webhook or device action ?
Most people when they have a lot of devices and want to control it in a other way they install a Home assistant server. this then runs locally on the network as long as your devices have a network connection to the local server you should not have a issue.

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The situation is the following: When you define a thermostat in the standard shelly App, it relates an H&T sensor to a relay (shlley 1 plus for example). In that relationship, if at the time the sensor gives the order to the relay to turn on, that relay is offline for some reason at that moment (low WiFi signal due to some problem in an AP upon return from a power outage , etc) the action is not executed and the boiler will remain off...

When you have a thermostat device with an integrated relay, the order to activate the Relay is in the device's electronics... there is no possibility of failure (especially when these devices store scenes, schedules, etc.)

I hope I have explained better.
Thank you, and I agree than maybe with a HA running locally I can minimice the issue, but i really prefer a device with rele within for heating systems..

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Ok, I think I have a good idea of what is going on. 


I have a similar installation but for another use case. 
I would like to check whether in your setup or Scene setup, they are checking/triggering continuously or just once.

I have a temp sensor and fan setup for my home lab when the temp goes above X amount at any time the extraction fans turn on until the temp Y. Then the fans will turn off. 
Even if the sensor or relay would disconnected for any reason at that time it should trigger the scene as soon as the conditions are met. 

at most what would be good to see is logs when your device is doing something strange to then see what the issue could be .

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