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"Device Provisioning Failed"

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I've bought my first Wall Display and I have an error i can't put away.

First of all on starting the Display, it anything like it need to be provisionised or something with the Shelly WiFi and Password shellyshelly.

So when I started my shelly cloud app, i could add it to my devices via bluetooth. This worked, but it always says "Not available"

And on the Wall Display now it says "Device Provisioning Failed [...] Please concact Allterco and ask about the active state of batch 1c6d955e" What is this ?

I already googled it and didn't find anything...


#Edit: I already updated so some newer Version, and finally to the 2.0 beta, and already cleared the cache and put it back to factory settings. Nothing helped.


Would be nice to get some help.


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In order to be able to process your case optimally, please submit a support ticket via the ticket system:

In order to shorten the processing time, it is advisable to attach the invoice(s) for the defective devices to the ticket.

I am sure that support team will help you satisfactorily

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Since I've updated to the 2.0 beta, I can't reach the wall display via the webbrowser UI anymore. Is this normal ? It can't even be pinged - but everything seems to work at the display. Any hint to me?


Interesting - it suddenly work again 🙂

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