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Shelly Plus Plug UK LED's

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I bought one of these as an experiment to use with Home Assistant. I have been using Athom Tasmota devices (from AliExpress) which feel a little cruder and I like the speed at which the Shelly updates the HA dashboard. However one issue is eluding me.

How can I turn off that blasted LED. I have put the plug into my bedroom on the AC for testing and its way too bright.

According to the online manual at: https://kb.shelly.cloud/knowledge-base/shelly-plus-plug-uk-web-interface-guide

I should have LED Indication & LED Indication Mode & even a Night Mode, amongst other things.

What I actually have is the picture below which has nothing about LEDs, Nightmode or a number of other things that the knowledge base indicates ought to be there


Am I being dumb

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Posted (edited)

It’s quite simple:


Click in the marked area and you’ll get this:



Addendum: One minute too slow…

As shown, you may change LED indication…

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Thank you

I never considered clicking on that - not expecting another menu.

One other question - is there a way of preventing the switch from turning off. On the Tasmota devices I can set PowerOnState to 4 which means that even I click in the wrong place on HA the HA representation goes off and immediately back on, but there is no power interruption at the actual device. I use this feature to ensure that the plugs I have monitoring the power use on a few PCs cannot accidentally be turned off. It basically disables the relay. I don't use this feature on all my various smart plugs, just a few of them on sensitive equipment.

Is this what detached means?


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