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Shelly Plus 1PM, how to reset counters via MQTT?

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It's nice to meet you guys.

I'm trying to get some help with the Shelly Plus 1PM switch. I have this switch integrated via MQTT with other devices on my network. I'm using the topic my_shellyplus1pm/command/switch:0 to turn it on/off with the payload "on" and "off" as plain text and works fine. I send the commands through a MQTT broker and the switch turns on and off as expected.

Now I also need to reset the counters, so the "total" value when the shelly publishes on /my_shellyplus1pm/status/switch:0 could be set to 0, but I don't get which topic I have to publish the command nor the payload I have to use. I tried to use the same my_shellyplus1pm/command/switch:0 topic and publish the payload {"reset": "counters"} and {"reset":true}, "reset_counters" but none of them worked.

I tried to read the official documentation but I got super confused because they talk about a method "PM1.ResetCounters" but I don't get where to use that method, and other examples only explain using curl, but I need it with MQTT.

So please, could any of you guys help me out with which topic should I publish? is the topic "my_shellyplus1pm/command/switch:0" ok? if not, which one? and which payload I have to use?

Thanks in advance!


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