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Shelly Pro 3 Surprise

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I have an unforeseen issue with a Pro 3. There are Wall Switches with LEDs installed that positively show that the Switch is on. Unfurtunatley, that won't work with the Shelly. My Guess is that the LED Circuit produces enough Current Leakage that the Pro 3 gets confused. Ch 1 work, Ch 2 sometimes and Ch 3 wants to always on. Removing Neutral from the LED fixes the Issue, but then there's no more Light in the Switch. Switch is a GIRA System 55 Double Wall Switch (Gira 14500 UP-Programme) for reference.  

Any help or ideas will be much appreciated.


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Shelly SW inputs are triggered by both live and neutral potential. Hence, in a complete circuit with switch and load, input is steadily „on“. This may be avoided by (a) an intermediate relay or (b) a resistor (500kΩ to 1MΩ) between switch and terminal SW. After that modification, SW input is activated by neutral potential only. To correct the logic, “reverse input” has to be configured.

I gladly furnish isolated and wired resistors ready for installation.

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