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Device is disconnected (Request Timed Out) after a specific application is running


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Hi all

Some strange behaviour here with the use of our Shelly 1 Gen3 device. We use this device to activate the "power button" of our PC. This way we can manually activate the PC on distance so we can work remotely work from home.

The device is running great, not a single problems.
But somehow... as soon as we start the Application ProPresenter7 (Presentation Software), the Shelly Device disconnects. Pinging the Shelly gives us the following message: "Request Timed Out".
When we close ProPresenter7, The device is starting pinging again and is working as it should.

Both devices does not run on the same IP.
Static IP address has been chosen. Changing Addresses does not change the issue. I already Rebooted the device...

Some additional info: We also have other Shelly's running nearby and on the same network. But those keeps running and running.

Am I missing something here?

Thanks in advance for any support and help!



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