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Shelly dimmer 2 becomes undiscoverable after power loss

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Hello all!

I have installed 3x shelly dimmer 2.

I added them to Home assistant via the official integration and worked for a few days. Then there was a power loss, and the devices rebooted, after this home assistant couldnt communicate with them anymore.

I played with the settings of the shellys a bit, and found that the "make discoverable" option was unticked, so I enabled it, however if I refresh de website of the shelly, the option is disabled again. I could make Home assistant communicate with the shelly again by doing these steps: reboot device, tick make discoverable, reboot device, reconfigure device in home assistant.

My question is, should the "make discoverable" option be persistent?, why is it turning off automatically?.

Im runny shelly's latest firmare 20230913-114008/v1.14.0-gcb84623, as well as Home assistant (2024.6.4)

Thank you!

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