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http.get getting stuck

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I am trying to get the sun position with a script. This did work properly last year. Since this year my script isn't working any more. What could be the failure?


function SunPos() {
	//Sonnenposition mittels ipgeolocation API zum aktuellen Zeitpunkt prüfen
	print("SunPos gestartet");
	{url: "http://api.ipgeolocation.io/astronomy?apiKey=myKey&lat=49.1877&long=8.16339"}, 
		function (response, error_code, error_message) {
		  //print("http.get gestartet");
		  if (error_code === 0) {
			let sonne = JSON.parse(response.body);
            let azimuth = Math.round(sonne.sun_azimuth);
			let altitude = Math.round(sonne.sun_altitude);
                    print("Azimuth :", azimuth);
	                print("Altitude :", altitude);				

				//Beschattung Süd-Fenster An
				//Ergänzt am 28.01.2023 " && altitude >= 12"
				if (azimuth > 100 && azimuth < 245) {
					print("Beschattung Süd AN"); 
                    Shelly.call("Switch.set", {'id': 0, 'on': true});
					//Ausgang 1 einschalten
				//Beschattung Süd-Fenster aufheben
				if (azimuth > 245) {
					print("Beschattung Süd AUS Azimuth");
                    Shelly.call("Switch.set", {'id': 0, 'on': false});				

				if (altitude < 12) {
					print("Beschattung Süd AUS Altitude");
                    Shelly.call("Switch.set", {'id': 0, 'on': false});				

		} else {
                    print("Fehler:", error_message); 

The JSON returned looks like this:


Can anyone please help?


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Something is wrong with this call:


because it returns an error:

"message": "Provided API key is not valid. Contact technical support for assistance at support@ipgeolocation.io"


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