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Power measurement including the direction


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A lot of Shelly devices are able to measure the power flow which is a very good and important function. I started to measure a small solar panel and found that the Shelly Plus PM Mini is able to indicate also the direction of the power flow by showing +xxW or -xxW. The Shelly Plus 1PM does not show the direction. There are only positiv values. In the internet I have found the information that this might be because of different Energy-meter Chips. There was also the information that the Shelly Plus 2PM would be able to show the direction of the power flow. I did not find a statement in the device data sheets about the direction of power flow. Does anyone know an overview list where it is shown which Shelly device is able to show the power flow direction in its measurement? Would be helpful for the decision to buy the right devices.

Many thanks to the community.

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Following a short list with energy meter IC:

Shelly 1PM, plus 1PM, PlugS, plus PlugS: BL0937 (P/f-coding, NO direction indication)

Shelly 2.5, plus 2PM, pro 1PM, pro 2PM, pro EM-50: ADE7953 (SPI, i2C, WITH direction indication)

Shelly 3EM, pro 3EM: ADE7880 (SPI, i2C, WITH direction indication)

Shelly mini 1PM, mini PM: BL0942 (SPI, WITH direction indication)

Shelly (plus) 1PM Gen3: BL0942 (SPI, WITH direction indication)

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