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Circadian lighting

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Hello everyone,

I am new to the forum, I already use 20-30 Shelly 1, 1PM and  2.5 devices in my house.

Now, I am considering getting a Shelly Plus RGBW PM.

Is there a solution for using Circadian Lighting with Shelly Plus RGBW PM?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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Hi Manos,

By "Circadian Lighting " you mean "CCT adjustable led strip", right? 
No, Shelly Plus RGBW PM does not support CCT. You can, however, use an RGB led strip to chose colors that are similar to the warm, neutral and cold white (like [255, 49, 3] for warm white, [255, 56, 16] for neutral white and [255, 105, 60] for cold white). Then you can create sunrise/sunset based schedules that will use those colors during the day.

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Hey there, you can create a bunch of simple schedules with your favorite settings, which will run in a loop. from cold white > neutral white > warm white > and so on.

Additionally, you can add to the scrip section one scrip from the library called "After boot, scan schedules and run the active one."
When the device boots and there is a schedule that has to be active at the moment, it won't be executed. This script walks through the configured schedules and runs the one that should be active at that moment in time.

Unfortunately, it works only with "power off/on.". It means you need to disconnect power from the Shelly device. It doesn't work if Shelly stays with the power connected and you use app or the toggle button to turn off the lights.

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Here is my simple script for circadian lighting with custom schedule.

I use RGB Mode: RED channel is actually Warm White. BLUE channel is actually Cool White. The GREEN channel is unused (always 0 in settings).

Color Settings: I've defined 6 different color and brightness settings throughout the day, which is good for simulating natural light changes.
Transition Duration: I've set a 4-second transition duration, which should provide a smooth change between different lighting states.
Update Interval: The timer is set to check and update the color every 5 minutes, which is a good balance between responsiveness and efficiency.
Manual Adjustment: The script respects manual adjustments made via the physical button, maintaining user-set brightness until the light is turned off and on again.
Event Handling: The script properly handles power on, light state changes, and button interactions.


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