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Shelly dimmer 2 with regular 2-way switches

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I have some dimmable led lights connected using regular 2-way switches (NOT dimmer switches). I want to connect a Shelly Dimmer 2 behind one of the switches so that I can dim the lights using shelly. Just to clarify, the physical 2-way switches would only control the on-off settings. Dimmer control is exclusively by shelly.

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This should be fine. 
I would take the dimmer on the main circuit to the light to dim. To keep the function of the 2 way switch I would install a Shelly mini to send a webhook to the Dimmer to turn on and off. 

this way you would still have the two-way switch function and be able to dim the lights from the app. 
There are also other methods you could use to control the lights to dim from the light switch depending on he switch you have 

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@Heinz So in the case you have  2-way switches (NOT dimmer switches), a Shelly Dimmer 2 is not enough to make the light working properly? For a good setup, is that correct to say that Switch 1 will be connected to Shelly Dimmer 2 and Switch 2 will be connected to Shelly Mini. Also, could you please elaborate with the other possible methods to dim from light switch. Is it better to use push switch? to be able to control the dim directly from the switch? thx

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