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Using Shelly To Notify On Power Outages

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This is a solution to remotely monitor power status using one Shelly Plus Plug and any combination of constant-powered Shelly relays or plugs.

In fact, it can monitor any device that returns a valid response on HTPP or HTPPS requests.

Messaging is handled via Webhook or MQTT. The message template is very flexible, allowing a generic message stating which device is down or an individual message for each device. Each device monitored can submit as many messages as required.

There isn't a firm limit on the number of devices that can be monitored or the number of messages triggered when a device is determined offline. The overall script size maximum is the limiting factor.

There are any number of reasons to monitor for power outages:

Family members who are at risk during extreme temperatures when HVAC equipment fails.
Family members who require powered medical equipment.
Schools - notify parents to keep children home
Businesses that rely on refrigeration or HVAC control (grocery, restaurant, hydroponics)


This solution assumes that both Internet connection and Wi-Fi access point are protected by battery backup. The Shelly Plus Plug hosting the script should also be protected by battery backup. The assumption is that if Internet is up and the host plug can reach Wi-Fi but cannot reach the devices monitored, the power is out.

Here are full instructions for setting up the solution:



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