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Shelly Plus Plug S - Send data every 5 minutes

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I have a Shelly Plug S (Gen1) which is working very well now for several years. It publishes the data (energy, power) every 5 minutes over MQTT.
I wanted to replicate this behavior with my new Shelly Plus Plug S, but I can't get it working.

I used the following code in a script (number of milliseconds reduced for debugging):

function timerCode() {

  /* number of miliseconds */ 10000,
  /* repeat? */ true,
  /* callback */ timerCode

In the console I can see, that "done" is written every 10 seconds, but nothing is published over MQTT.

I have enabled MQTT, MQTT control, RPC over MQTT.

RPC status notifications over MQTT and Generic status update over MQTT are not enabled since it published every second and therefore writes data quite too much in an uncontrollable way.

I would really appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction since I don't want to replace the shelly hardware.

Thank you

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