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Trigger Shelly Plus Plug S from Shelly Plug S

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being new in this forum, I have a (maybe) simple question:

How can I trigger on/off on a Shelly Plus Plug S when a device connected to a Shelly Plug S provides a defined level of consumption?

Use case is: only power on a heating device (connected with Shelly plus plug S), when a solar panel (connected with Shelly Plug S) devlivers enough power.

Thanks for your advices.


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Hi @leki73

you can create a scene. Add the device and the condition. when that is done you can set the do function to trigger a alert of other device. 

So here you can say when Shelly plus S ( solar ) = more than X amount then Do trigger shelly plug S Heater to turn on 
also make sure that you set a other scene that when Shelly Plug S ( Solar ) = less then X amount then Do trigger Shelly plug S heater to turn off 

Other wise you only create one condition to turn on but never turn off so this is why you need two scenes 

Hope this gives you a better idea 

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