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Shelly dropping off after 1-2 hours


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I have 3 shellies 2.5 configured the same way (save the hostname) and they power three covers more or less at the same distance from the AP. They've been working fine for 3 years or so.

For a few weeks now, one of the shellies systematically drops off the network after 1-2 hours following a reboot. If I reboot it it works great (connects to HA, rolls the covers up and down) and the poof, it is gone.

I do not see it on my AP so it means it does not attempt to (re)connect.

I installed today the latest beta version of the firmware (20231107-163214/v1.14.1-rc1-g0617c15) hoping that it would help but no.

Before I confirm that it is malfunctioning by flashing it with ESPHome (and seeing if the drop off happens there as well) - would you have any debugging activity that I could do to try to understand the issue?

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