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Script : dans 11h50 faire OFF attendre 5 secondes puis ON

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Hello everyone,

My Shelly pro 3 is connected to a salt steriliser for swimming pool

this one has a clock of 12h after it turns off

to avoid this it must be cut before 12h then turn it back on again for 12h

I’m looking for a script

in 11h50 make OFF wait 5 seconds then ON

Could you help me


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Posted (edited)

Hello Olsche,

 I certainly expressed myself badly,

 in fact I should be able to turn it on with my home automation box (pool plugin on jeedom)

 but once turned on if more than 11:50 then it must turn off and turn back on a few seconds later

 but if I turn off with my home automation box it must turn off and not turn back on unless I turn on

 it's here ?







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You're right, it was a little misunderstanding on my part.

Personally, I would solve it differently if you still have a channel left from the Pro3:

1st channel of the Pro3 controls the 2nd channel for pure ON/OFF

2nd channel Power on default=on with Loop Auto Timer Off 42600sec and Auto tinmer On = 5sec

This means that it is always possible to switch the salt steriliser on and off with the 1st channel, when on then max 11 hours and 50 minutes and off for 5 seconds

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This is a very good idea since
 my pump = channel 1
 salt sterilizer = channel 2
 sterilizer cannot work if the pump is not turned on!
 so your idea is perfect.
 I would only turn off my home automation box if the chlorine level is too high with a control
 Can you help me put your idea into practice?



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