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Shelly Plus Plug S boot loop after configuring MQTT

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I have a strange issue where my Plus Plug S starts to boot loop after I configure the MQTT prefix, broker and credentials.
The device asks to reboot, but after confirming that it starts up with the LED lights in sequence: RED RED RED YELLOW/GREEN,
and is not accessible over IP.

I have factory reset the device several times and it is consistently fine while setting up wifi, changing device name and disabling the LED state indicator, but every time after I configure MQTT it just flips out and goes into a boot loop again. My firmware version is updated to 1.3.2.

Wondering if anyone else has seen this behavior?

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I just experienced a possibly related MQTT issue on firmware 1.3.2

I'm sending status updates to mosquitto and dumping everything into influxdb for graphing.

At 05:51 this morning all of my s plugs plus went into a reboot loop. I could see them connecting to the network and then immediately dropping off again.

Turns out the letsencrypt cert for my mosquitto server was renewed at 05:51. Every time the plugs connected after that they crashed and rebooted.

Killing the mosquitto server and updating all plugs to 1.3.3 seems to have solved the issue, for now.

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