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Shelly Plus RGBW and Addressable Led Strips

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For now the RGBW factory firmware doesn't support addressable LED strips, I am pretty sure it can't even be supported on the current hardware since the outputs are driven by FETs to support high current.

However I think it might be possible with one of the new devices (Shelly X) with a firmware that support it.

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Thank you @Shay Levy for your reply.

i am designing the electrical installation for my camper van (12v) and one of the projects is to have addressable led for lighting the interior.

didn't know anything about Shelly X, will have a look right now.

do you know if it can also operate at 12V?

thank you once again.

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1 minute ago, CurroMoraira said:

can this option be attached to a physical wall switch to switch on/off the LED Strip? 

Physical Wallswitch with ah Shelly, which sent de command to the Wled-Controller. 

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