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Script running conditionally

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I'm also trying here. I'm looking for someone who can help me with a script.
I copied a script from Smarthome-Europe.eu (https://smarthome-forum.eu/.../22404.../...) that can be used to manage absences by querying logged-in mobiles. I also used it to switch lamps on and off. So far, it works.
Unfortunately, I am stuck with the following:
I would like to switch on a lamp in a courtyard 15 minutes after sunset and switch it off at midnight (I have set this up on another Shelly using a schedule) on the condition that one of the two mobiles has been logged in once during the day.

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Hi Brendianer,

If I'm understanding you right:

 - the script could be scheduled to run at the times you give
 - when the script runs, it could check whether the mobiles have been logged in, and proceed accordingly
 - information about the login of the mobiles could be stored in a "virtual component" on the switch. Updating the value of the virtual component could, perhaps, be done with a more frequent scheduled script which runs every x minutes and checks whether the mobiles are logged in.

Or have I misunderstood your question?

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