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Intermittant offline devices


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Been experimenting using Shelly cloud services.  Simple setup so far with 4 RGBW 2 devices, Shelly Wall Display and a button.

Finding the devices intermittently go offline never all go offline together, just random. 

Excluding the wall display, all devices have latest firmware, used all network defaults ie dynamic IP etc.. and are within meters of the wifi router with solid wifi connection. In fact, when onsite can ping the devices whilst they are reported in the offline state and simultaneously ping externally to the network without any drops. It generally takes a minute or longer for the devices to report back online to the shelly cloud service.

I've traditionally integrated with HA with shelly devices which I've never seen this problem, but this time I thought to use the Shelly cloud, but finding it's not playing ball.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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