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Range Extender, static IP Issue

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Hello everyone,

I have some issues understanding how to use the Range Extender:

I have two Shelly Plus 1 PMs, one of which has a poor Wi-Fi signal. Therefore, I want to use the Range Extender. However, I encounter the following problem when assigning a static IP address:


  • Gateway: (Router)
  • Network Mask:

Shelly I:

  • Strong Wi-Fi signal
  • Range Extender active
  • Access Point activated with password
  • Static IP:

Shelly II: I want to assign a static IP of However, when I enter the settings under "Static IP," no connection is established.


  • IP:
  • Subnet Mask:
  • Gateway: (Router)
  • DNS: or empty

If I don't assign a static IP address, Shelly II connects, but it doesn't have the desired IP address. Instead, it gets the IP of Shelly I with

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If I recall correctly, the range extender creates it's own network onto which clients connect.


This network has its own IP range and the Shelly is the DHCP server for that network.
The network is ``.

The web port (port 80) of connected Shelly will be accessible via the "Extender Shelly" on port `800x` where `x` is the client IP of the Shelly.
So a Shelly connected to the range extender at `` with an IP of `` will be accessible at ``

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